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Coffee. Create. Celebrate.

Organic Coffee Bar


Our coffee is organic and fair trade. Our method of brewing is the pour-over method. Many believe this renders the best-tasting coffee, and so do we! Old Post utilizes both manual and mechanical methods of pour-over. Our mechanical machines are Mocca Masters manufactured in the Netherlands.

We spent over a year developing two proprietary roasts that you can only find here.

Old Post Light Roast: Organic, Fair Trade blend from three different regions of the world: Earthy, dark chocolate, and almond base with hints of vanilla and anise and a blueberry finish.

Old Post Dark Roast: Organic, Fair Trade blend from two different regions of the world: smooth, woody chocolate base balanced with hints of raisin and baked peaches.

Old Post also offers delicious organically-baked sourced from a variety of local bakers.

A Home for Creators


Old Post has eight artist studio spaces for rent in the basement aka the “bomb shelter” of our building! Come create in this beautiful space with us. If interested, call us to set up a tour of our available spaces.

We plan to pull from our in-house and local-area artists for upcoming art shows!

Dear Celebrators, Friends, Family, and Community…

Although this letter is not written to you on this exact date, it is where our story to you begins. My momma and I have long had the idea to go into business together. We didn’t exactly know what we wanted to get into, only that we wanted it to be creative and to celebrate people. We kept the idea for years when my dad made an appointment to see the old Easley post office that was for sale. Never dreaming it would be ours, we explored it anyways. It just felt good being inside that building. There was a spy room, the original safe, pink Tennessee marble wainscoting in the front room, terrazzo flooring, and a massive terra cotta relief from Roosevelt’s New Deal art program for federal buildings.



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