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Old Post's History

Dear Celebrators, Friends, Family, and Community…

Although this letter is not written to you on this exact date, it is where our story to you begins. My momma and I have long had the idea to go into business together. We didn’t exactly know what we wanted to get into, only that we wanted it to be creative and to celebrate people. We kept the idea for years when my dad made an appointment to see the old Easley post office that was for sale. Never dreaming it would be ours, we explored it anyways. It just felt good being inside that building. There was a spy room, the original safe, pink Tennessee marble wainscoting in the front room, terrazzo flooring, and a massive terra cotta relief from Roosevelt’s New Deal art program for federal buildings. My parents fell in love with it, and so did I. Unfortunately, the old post office was definitely out of our budget and it needed a fair amount of work done. Do you know how moms just tend to be good with words? Well, my momma is even better with them having been an avid reader, lover of spoken words, and English teacher. So, just like I am writing this letter to you, my momma wrote a letter to the kind owner of the old post office.

After reading that letter, I am sure you can conclude what happened next. My dad’s love for fresh ground coffee, my momma’s love for celebrating people, and my love for art all share a home at Old Post. Coffee, Create, Celebrate. Everything seemed to work in threes and we took that as a sign from our Father that we were doing something He wanted us to do. And, we are proud to say that a lot of the work done at Old Post, we did ourselves. My momma designed just about everything you can see in that building and picked out all of the finishings. My dad, brother, boyfriend, and I laid the wooden floors on which my mom had the awesome idea to lay scripture verses underneath so our guests can walk on many blessings. We find our Old Post very wonderful and we hope you do, too.

We are so grateful to be giving something back to our hometown of Easley. I look forward to meeting new friends and getting to celebrate with you. We hope you enjoy these pictures of our building’s history and celebrations so far as you consider making some of your own with us. Old Post is a venue for all types of celebrations, an organic coffee bar, and artist studio spaces for rent. Please come in and have a cup of coffee with us.

Thank you,

Aislinn Rosier

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